The LEGO Batman Movie (Rewatch)

#21 – Rewatch

So the recent trend for me seems to be watching the decent new releases at least twice. Sadly, The LEGO Batman Movie holds up the worst in comparison to the rest (xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, Split, and Hidden Figures). I went back and rewatched The LEGO Batman Movie with my comic book friend expecting it to be better, and it didn’t. 

I don’t know whether this was because I am an above average Batman fan and caught most everything the first time … or I pay attention when watching movies and absorbed all I could the first time. I didn’t catch almost any new Easter eggs or find anything funnier than the first time, which is usually the trademark of a good comedy or movie for fans of the series / franchise.

The last viewing got a 7 out of 10 … this time it gets 5 “C-Level Badguys” out of 10.


The level of self-awareness this version of Batman had is still my favorite aspect. Starting from the introduction about a black screen, edgy music, and quote – this movie took it all and ran. They parodied every live-action Batman movie and TV show that has existed (I didn’t catch any animated references) in an positive light. Billy Dee Williams returning as Harvey Dent / Two-Face after an 18 year absence might be the deepest cut. Sure there were more lower grade villains from the golden age of comics and 60s TV show, but this might have been the biggest thing most audiences didn’t pick up on. Some other great things you probably missed (unless you are a keen observer) would be the Mutant Leader from The Dark Knight Returns, The Iceberg Lounge as in the Penguin’s headquarters, Ferris Air from Green Lantern, and Bludhaven for Nightwing’s eventual stomping grounds to name a few.


Sadly, the majority of the second half dragged horribly just as badly the second time. Once the movie stopped being self-deprecating and attempted to be serious, the pacing just stopped. I am all for a serious movie, especially a serious Batman movie, but this was out of place. The movie was bookmarked with lighthearted satire, even if it wasn’t all Batman related.


This was a great Batman movie as a whole, they just needed a more consistent tone. The Batman from the original The LEGO Movie was even different from this iteration, albeit slightly more serious this time. After seeing this, it is more obvious that DC is better off at animated movies than Marvel. Nightwing was just announced to have a movie by the same directors, whether it would be live action or animated wasn’t announced. 

As a family movie, this is a hard movie to currently beat in theatres. So I would still recommend seeing this in theatres.


Seeing this movie again made me want to rewatch The Dark Knight. This is a movie that I wanted to like since I am a huge Batman fan and didn’t want to like it since I thought Heath Ledger was a poor choice for the Joker. After the first trailer, my opinion was changed like 95% of the population. It stands as one of the best comic book adaptations and also one of the best movies of the past few yeara as well. 

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