January is known for being less than stellar for movie releases. Every year there are some random exceptions such as Taken, Tremors, The Grey, and From Dusk ‘Til Dawn to name a few. Every year, I get suckered into some movie that looks like it could be fun action movie and ends up being horrible. Last year was Triple 9, this year it was Sleepless. I won’t even hide my disappointment in the opening paragraph.

I would give this movie 2 “convenient plot points” out of 10. Normally I can talk about the movie without spoiling or would wait until after watching it more than one time. But this movie will be an exception … so there  will be some spoilers ahead.


The trailer was good at deceiving me into thinking it would be an adequate movie. Some of the fights were entertaining. The actors did their best to make the movie worthwhile. And … that about covers it.


My biggest complaint was the “police work” shown throughout the movie. The Internal Affairs agent (Michelle Monaghan) is introduced as being suspended until passing her psychology exam after being beat up badly in a meth lab bust. She had a small cut on her cheek  with no bruising and told the psychiatrist that she wasn’t going to talk … she then took her badge and walked out of the office she was already at working on a case. Monaghan’s character ends up taking drugs and a gun from a hidden spot which would be her evidence to connect dirty cop Vincent Downs (Jamie Fox), a casino owner, and a big time drug dealer. Don’t worry, she was the only one who saw it and didn’t have any proof. Let’s jump to my biggest complaint in regards to police work, the active shooter situation in the casino. The handful of police officers scrambled to run down stairs and then proceeded to apprehend the bad guy getting shot at … who didn’t have a gun. They didn’t pursue the shooter(s), protect entrances / exits, set a perimeter, or call in much more additional back up. After the initial shootout in the casino, there was another shootout in the parking garage that drew no attention. Vincent’s ex-wife drove into the parking garage with no issue (this isn’t taking in account that it was filled with some sort of gas). After the shootout Vincent and his family drove out without delay.

The second worst was the plot device stab wound Vincent got early in the movie. It would not bleed unless he needed to show off his wound or he would for whatever reason change into a white shirt. He never got light headed or close to fainting from all of the blood loss. It wouldn’t hurt unless he got too far ahead of whoever might have been chasing him, then he would be doubling over in pain … right before he would get in a big fight seconds later with no sign of pain. Sleepless wanted you to think this stab wound was the only thing keeping him from knocking everyone out with a single punch after running a marathon.


This movie was very bland and did it’s best to be different from any other dirty cop movie, but failed at most every turn. The car chase was lack luster. The fights were disappointing. The shootout was awful. Do not rush in any way whatsoever to see this movie. If you find this on tv or any streaming platforms you own and nothing else is on then watch away, just don’t spend any money on it.


Since Sleepless was such a disappointment, I want to give you two recommendations to make up for any thought you had on watching it.

Collateral is slightly more memorable for Tom Cruise’s turn as a villain. Like Sleepless, you get to see Jamie Foxx over his head and struggling to stay alive and ahead of the curve  in the course of a night … except this one did it so much better. The night club fight scene was also far superior to the few in Sleepless.

Training Day also takes you through a day in the life of a police office caught in the middle of corruption. One of the few differences is that Training Day got Denzel an Oscar. Another is that it is re-watchable … and also it is one of my favorite movies.


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