The Rock (Rewatch)

#6 – Rewatch on Netflix

I had all the intentions to make it out to the theatre and knock off a few of the outstanding new releases, but I just didn’t make it out today. My next attempt was to clear some of my Netflix queue that seems to be ever expanding … but instead I ended up almost finishing up the Spartacus series for the fifth time. In an effort to stay on track of my goal to review a hundred movies this year, I knew I had to watch something. My next quandary was that I wanted to shut off my brain and enjoy a popcorn flick, but which one? Why not go for a 90’s action movie with everything you could ask for: non-stop action, an epic car chase, odd couple buddy “cop” movie, explosions for no reason, one-liners, and the list goes on! I am talking about The Rock!

I would give this movie 9 out of 10 “microfilm reels “. With that said, let’s go ahead and get into the good and bad of the movie so I can further geek out about details.


If you haven’t seen The Rock, then you have no idea what you are missing. Let’s start with the cast and crew. This was Michael Bay’s second actual directing gig after Bad Boys, and I feel like he was definitely in the prime of his career. The cast is stacked, and you’ll spend your time going “that guys is in this movie too?!” This was Sean Connery’s last good role and should have been his final credit; he could have ended his career with a bang, but instead he gave us a whole bunch of lackluster films. But with that being said, this movie gave us the beginning of Nic Cage’s ludicrous action movie trend that we all secretly love. Ed Harris might have been the only actor to keep the more serious version of the script while most decided to let loose and give us some humor. Michael Biehn even got to appear for what would become the last big movie of his career.

Mix it up and you get a non-stop action movie that most others can only hope to mimic. There is a tense chemical bomb diffusal, a fish in a barrel shootout, and a heist from a military base, and those aren’t even the stand out action scenes. The Humvee / Ferrari chase goes by the most famous landmarks in San Francisco and throws in a few explosions. I know what you are saying though: “What about the world famous cable cars?” Don’t worry, they get knocked off the tracks with hilarious commentary from the tour guide. I could go through the different shootouts, but most of the movie is  a shootout. The way they are constructed and the deaths are all over the top in the best way imaginable.


I’ve already mentioned my gripes, but it really ia a shame that Sean Connery wasn’t able to follow this one up with a few more hits or retire on a good note. It is horrible that Michael Biehn didn’t get to appear in any other big movies or get more screen time.


This is a classic action movie from the 90s. One liners fly at the speed of sound and enhance the movie by not trying to take itself too seriously. If you want an action movie to cut on and not take the story too seriously, head over to Netflix and indulge yourself!


If you want another action movie that has more explosions, quips, or shootouts than you can count… check out Michael Bay’s prior movie – Bad Boys. This movie helped legitimize Will Smith as a movie star and was Michael Bay’s first feature film. There are just as many shootouts, a great chase scene between a Porsche and a Shelby Cobra, and possibly more explosions. Seriously, it is a phenomenal movie and Will Smith and Martin Lawrence make a fantastic comedy team.

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