My first review of the year is Paddington since my wife insisted. I have spent my “downtime” catching up on some television, moving, and unpacking. I don’t have a clear cut goal for reviews this year, but will probably involve finally watching some classics and expanding what I would normally watch.

With that said, I am sure Paddington 2 is on my horizon, along with a handful of other movies I have missed.


Paddington is about a bear from Deep Peru trying to find a home in London after his uncle died during an earthquake / deforestation. He is temporarily housed with the Browns for “only one night” until they become invested in helping him find the explorer from a long time ago who promised a place to stay. Hot on his tail is Nicole Kidman who wants to stuff and preserve him.

Directed by: Paul King

Written by: Paul King and Hamish McColl

Starring: Ben Whishaw, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Nicole Kidman, Peter Capaldi, Jim Broadbent, and Michael Gambon


Paddington was a lot better than I expected. The story and acting were fantastic but the CGI and plots holes bothered me more than they should have in a kid movie. Apparently some reviews likened it to a Pixar movie due to the emotions conveyed and the way death or negativity was not avoided. It was a good heart warming story with many fun for the whole family moments that showed parents are people too! The cinematography was a plus with some fun shots such as the doll house and train scene; which was reminiscent of Wes Anderson as my wife kept wanting to point out.

However; the CGI did not age well and the plot holes continually irked me. By plot holes, I mean the fact that the first time Paddington encountered people he was ignored. When the Browns came across him, their response was to avoid eye contact since he was likely selling something. Literally everyone who saw Paddington was not shocked by a talking bear except the explorer and the insurance agent (who was on the phone) … the curmudgeonly old neighbor just had an issue with the noise. Then again, it is a kid movie.


If you have kids, like wholesome movies, or liked the books then you should like Paddington. It’s on Netflix, so the accessibility is pretty easy. While there might be other movies that are more your speed, you should add it to your queue for the kid in your life / heart..

I would give it 8 Marmalade Sandwiches out of 10.

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