A Bad Moms Christmas


One of the big surprise hits of last year was Bad Moms. We ended up seeing it twice and thoroughly enjoyed it, but were surprised to hear there would be a sequel and a Bad Dads spinoff. Some of the common pitfalls for comedies is adding too much story that drags the movie down or beating an idea to death by copying a successful movie (sequel, spinoff, reboot, copy, or something along those lines). So when a fresh idea or fresh take comes out as a comedy and doesn’t slow to a crawl several times during the movie, it is a rare thing. Bad Moms fit that bill, so the sequel had the job of not being a crappy sequel and standing on it’s own enough to be a decent movie. So how did A Bad Moms Christmas perform in my opinion?

I would give it 5 “sexy Santas” out of 10.


Amy, Kiki, and Carla all return from the 2016 surprise hit. Speaking of surprises, their mom’s all come into town giving them trouble to deal with in their own way. Amy’s mother is a perfectionist, Kiki’s mother is overly attached, and Carla’s mother is a transient who only comes to town to borrow money.

Directed By: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore

Written By: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore

Starring: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon, Cheryl Hines, Jay Hernandez, Justin Hartley, & Peter Gallagher


The montages were the best parts of this movie, granted I am a sucker for a good montage and those were also my favorite things that I remembered from the first one. The first montage where the moms get drunk in the food court and then wreak havok in the rest of the mall was hilarious. Then they went back to the well and had a two montages in a trampoline park. The first was everyone having fun and will probably help boost attendance in trampoline parks by at least a little bit. The second (or second part) was of everyone playing dodgeball and was easily the best part of the entire movie. If there was a Dodgeball and Bad Moms crossover movie, I would watch it with a large popcorn and a smile.


Speaking of crazy ideas, the second one definitely took some liberties on the believability side of things. Bad Moms was slightly outrageous, but could happen and it wouldn’t be a stretch, but the sequel stretched a lite too far. While I understand that each of the original moms would have different types of mothers, these were all wildly exaggerated. Amy tried to be a perfect mom in the first, but nowhere on the scale of perfection her mom would allow. Kiki had a weird, closeted feel to her … but her mom was overly obsessive and would have come up several times in the first movie. Carla had the most believable relationship, but I also don’t see her making enough money at the spa to give out thousands of dollars every time her mom comes into town.

Also, for all of these moms to be so stretched thing … they sure do get out a lot during the weekdays and nights. Sure Amy has Jesse and Kiki has her husband, but neither struck me as the one to keep the kids that often.


A Bad Moms Christmas was definitely enjoyable, but won’t make an impact on the comedy movie market. It was a good Christmas movie, but won’t be one I would throw on during the Christmas season down the road. If you find yourself wanting to watch a comedy in theatres, you couldn’t go wrong watching this but it would be fine to wait until you find it on Redbox to watch.


If you want a Christmas movie recommendation, make that MY Christmas movie recommendation … look no further than the holiday classic: Die Hard! If you somehow never realized it was a Christmas movie, then shame on you. John McClane flies to Los Angeles to visit his wife and kids when his wife’s boss pays for him to come to their Christmas party. Things go sideways when some criminals take over the building. The first song is a Christmas song, there are some Christmas trees, Christmas quotes, and the day is saved thanks to some Christmas themed wrapping tape! If you still aren’t convinced, it is a shame that you don’t consider Home Alone to be a Christmas movie either. They have almost the same plot points after all.

Either way, Die Hard is a movie I will watch almost every Christmas … and you should too!

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