The Cube


Several years ago I watched one of the sequels to The Cube as background noise and remember liking it, but couldn’t find the original and gave up. So when I saw it was on Netflix during October, I figured there was no better time than now. I don’t have much of a preface for this review since I just saw it and threw it on my projector, so what did I think?

I would give it 4 “dollar budget thriller” out of 10.


The Cube is a Saw-like thriller where several people wake up separated in cube shaped rooms. They soon find out some of the rooms are trapped, but struggle to find the rhyme or reason to them. The more they “progress” the more they learn about each other and that there are connections or reasons for them to be in The Cube.


This is a very intelligent movie that does its best to cater to the general public. The amount of detail that would have gone into planning it is formidable and admirable.

The suspense it builds throughout the movie using fear of the unknown as the driving force is also genius. The characters don’t know the others with one exception, so they have to withhold their trust. On top of that, the next room could likely kill without hesitation. There is finite amount of time, so they are forced to keep moving in hopes of escape. As time progresses, the characters suffer from mental and physical stress causing them to become pitted at each other.


I am not ashamed to say, the movie is much better at math than I am. Once the math used to figure out the cube, locations, and escape route picked up … I got a little lost. It didn’t take me out of the movie, just took away some of my enjoyment. On top of that, the pacing in the middle comes to a complete stop. This is also the same point most of the character growth takes place, so it future impacted the movie. Between those points, it was hard to be investigated in a conclusion one way or another.


The Cube is an interesting take on a thriller movie. It pits the victims against the construct, each other, themselves, and time. The falls a little short in my opinion due to the poor pacing and rapid increase in mathematical understanding. With that said, it is hard for me to encourage someone to watch it. If you like math and suspense, then this is meant for you.


I thought about recommending Primer due to the technical aspects, but I never finished it. I know I am horrible about recommending things multiple times, but I have to go with Saw on this one. While it may not have been entirely original, it was unique enough to jumpstart a franchise. A lot of people group it into torture porn horror, but the first was not as bad as people want to make it out to be or remember. It was a character driven mystery that you really should see if you haven’t.

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