Wind River (Rewatch)


Finding a perfect movie is a rare thing, and finding a movie that can stay perfect through a second viewing is even more difficult to find. Often times leading up to seeing a movie can impact your overall enjoyment, other times your enthusiasm about the property or actors can affect your enjoyment, or othertimes it could be something completely different. Either way, my second experience was completely different from the first … so is that a good thing or bad?

I would give it 8 “miles in the snow, barefoot” out of 10.

For my prior review, see the link below:


So much of the acting, tension, and cinematography held up for the second viewing. The best instances of the acting and building up tension are in the details. Martin (Natalie’s father) breaking down would have been less powerful if he hadn’t just shown his stoic nature moments earlier or the camera lingered on his pain. As for the tension – the movie wisely goes from a tense standoff to a flashback that quickly ramps up the action before teasing viewers with a short lull with an unsuspecting score … only to jump right back into the action. The environment is another character by itself and is literally a force of nature. It is vast, beautiful and deadly as the opening scene shows perfectly.


Two things stood out as nitpicks this viewing: Jeremy Renner and some sloppy camera work. The character Renner plays is supposed to be a grizzled father of two that is an expert hunter and has an area the size of Rhode Island memorized perfectly. If his character had been played by someone slightly older it would have been slightly more believable. As for the camera work, several scenes focused entirely on dialogue but the camera seemed to be drunk due to the amount of shaking and swirling. It ended up ridiculous and detracted from the scenes.


The shine wore off and it isn’t the perfect movie I saw the first time. It is still a fantastic movie and one of the best I have seen this year. It is worth seeing and is a shame it got overshadowed by the summer blockbusters. You should see it when you get a chance – it is an original film and far from a connected universe that relies on a monstrous budget with horrible acting.


One of my go to movies that I believe holds up to multiple viewings without losing much value is Forrest Gump. It is a classic movie that has it all: comedy, sports, action, drama, romance, etc. If you have somehow never seen it, you should be ashamed of yourself and go watch it immediately. It plays all the time on television, and I watch it every time I catch it.

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