Girl’s Trip


Going into a good movie with low to no expectations will almost always result in you finding a movie to be fantastic. For instance: a while back some friends and I found ourselves with nothing to do so we decided to go and see a movie. We didn’t know what we wanted to see and settled on Miss March with no idea what it was. It is a decent comedy, but we enjoyed it so much more and I even went on to discover the Whitest Kids You Know show and love it even more. Going into a good movie with overly high expectations will generally give you a much lower opinion of the movie. As much as I would love to go into every movie with little no to expecations, I love watching trailers and hearing / reading what other people think about movies, so I almost always go into a movie with some sort of expectation. So where does Girl’s Trip land?

Unfortunately, it is the latter of the two so I would give it 4 “grapefruits” out of 10.


Four friends from college have slowly let life get in the way as they drifted apart. Ryan (Regina Hall) is a very succesful personality and called the next Oprah, Sasha (Queen Latifa) is a famous celebrity gossip journalist, Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) is a divorced single mother of two, and Dina (Tiffany Haddish) is the fun loving friend that is kept around for laughs. Ryan and her husband Stewart (Mike Colter) are offered a tv show and all the trappings but have to seal the deal at Essence Festival in New Orleans. The group’s goal is to get Lisa together with a man or two, until Sasha finds out that Stewart is having an affair. Ryan convinces them everything is fine and the marriage is being worked on until the other woman shows up at Essence as well. Things just go crazy from there.


The best parts of the movie revolve around the chemistry of the four main characters. They all balance each other out with their comedic strenghts, mainly relying on Dina’s antics. The grapefruit scene would have been hilariously awkward by itself, but the reactions from other characters and the followup later in the movie made it that much better. The same goes with the dance off and the tripping scene, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good if any where missing.


My complaint for this comedy is the same for almost any comedy, why try to add a serious story? I am not going to a comedy to have an obvious life lesson taught to me. You can have a serious movie with some comedy or a comedy with some serious parts, but most “comedies” nowadays are 50/50. The pacing was all over the place so the laughs were here and there, but the dry spots killed it. If they had been a little more original with the story and didn’t invest so much in the story instead of the characters’ interactions, this could have been so much better!


Maybe I heard too many positive reviews and didn’t temper my expectations. Maybe I have gotten too tired of stories that have been beaten to death. Regardless of the reason, the comedic parts were fantastic and worth recommending. The movie was about 30 minutes too long and could have focused on the friends hanging together after several years instead of centering around an adulterous husband. I would say this is worth waiting to watch for close to free. No reason to pay for a movie when close to half of it can be ignored.


If you want a movie with Sean Combs and a fantastic drug scene, then Get Him to the Greek is for you. It is one of the cases of a comedy that has some serious aspects without losing the audience. Jonah Hill works for a record label and is tasked with getting his favorite washed-up rocker to perform a show. I went in with mediocre expectations and came out with a new favorite comedy. The scene with the Jeffreys might be one of my top ten favorite scenes of all time.

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