Despicable Me 3


So far this year I haven’t seen many animated movies. There was Sing, Aladdin, LEGO Batman (twice), and Cars 3 … which were all good enough movies. Despicable Me 3 looked like it would follow that pattern since the prior two entries were amazing movies and Minions was disappointing, which balances out somewhere. In my opinion (which reigns supreme here) Minions fell victim to the side character(s) getting too much attention which generally happens later on in most tv shows. There needs to be almost equal part Gru, the girls, and the minions to season the movie just right. So how did Despicable Me 3 fair in a field of decent competition and a better than average pedigree?

I would give it 9 “unicorns so fluffy I could die!” out of 10.


Despicable Me 3 starts out with an introduction to child star of the 80’s, Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker). He played a genius supervillain that used bubblegum, capoeira martial arts, Rubix cubes, and an electric keytar to fight off the heros. Unfortunately, he faces an enemy that killed his career … puberty. This leads him to a life of crime so he can get back at Hollywood. 

Balthazar’s new nemesis is Gru (Steve Carell) and Lucy (Kristen Wiig). Unfortunately for them, Balthazar escapes again and again, causing them to get fired. Shortly after getting fired, Gru finds out he has a wealthy twin brother named Dru (also Steve Carell). Dru was raised by their father who was a revered supervillain that thought Dru was a failure, so Dru hopes that Gru will teach him how to be better.

Balthazar was able to steal the world’s largest diamond, so it ends up a race between him getting revenge or Gru / Dru stealing the diamond back.


The best part is the comedy, which may be cheating to name it as one of the best parts … but I don’t think a smile left my face tve entire movie. To get a better sense of the jokes, it helps to see the prior two Despicable Me movies but isn’t necessary. The minions get their storyline of branching out and eventually getting the run of a prison. The limited time gave them time to shine without being overkill. The nostalgic items that Balthazar uses are all laughably unique and very entertaining. Hands down, the highlight of the movie is the unicorn storyline.  Thr youngest girl Agnes learns of a forest where the last of the unicorns can be found if you are a maiden pure of heart.


The only negative I could think of is Dru’s voice. It could have been a completely different person to compliment Steve Carell as the more handsome brother. Another voice actor would have been welcome but not necessary overall.


Having not seen the other two movies in a while and working off memory, I believe the third is my favorite. It is easily the best animated movie of the year so far and there doesn’t appear to be anything on the horizon that will top it. Despicable Me 3 is easily in my top ten of the year so far and might also be one of my favorite animated / family friendly movies in quite some time. Normally this is where I say if it is worth catching in theaters, but instead will say you need to drop what you are doing and go watch it.  You should get several big LOLs in exchange for a few dollars.


Coming up with a recommendation was a little difficult, but it took my thought process on a limb. Since Despicable Me 3 is a Steve Carell vehicle, lets go back to his start and another movie that relies on nostalgia. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy tells the story of a news anchor and his news team trying to move up to a national spotlight. Things get tricky once a lady news anchor throws things out of whack … after all she is a lady trying to be a news anchor. Stece Carell plays the weatherman and definitely gets to play a goofy character nonetheless. 

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