Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Spoilers)


So last viewing, I missed one final scene and all of the mid-credit stingers. Does it affect my overall opinion? No, if anything it furthers my stance. So my rating remains at 6 “trash pandas” out of 10.

This review will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 then check out my other reivew. I will be skipping my FOR THE UNITIATED portion as well since I assume you have read the prior review with that information. In its place I will have a REVIEW REVISIONS section that will spell out a few positive changes.


My first take on the best parts was the comedy, which still held a lot of laughs the second go around. Drax’s interactions with Rocket and Mantis hit my funnybone every single time, especially the “Can I pet your puppy” practical joke. My wife’s favorite bit was between Yondu and Star Lord with the reoccurring threat of being eaten.

There were also several smaller things that struck me even moreso the second time. Most of these were Baby Groot related: his vomiting after coming out of hyperspace, the sad walk after having beers poured on him following the bullying, and then finally when he brought the severed toe to Rocket and Yondu.


Sadly, my biggest complaint centers around Ego. I understand his motivation, but his plan seemed pourly thought out. If he knew the mortal aspect of his friends would trigger an issue, why did he invite them? If he knew the mom was a sore point, why bring up the fact that it was Ego who have her the tumor? If he had waited hundreds of years, why did he rush Peter into helping instead of waiting maybe another year or two. Another is that Mantis works for him, but why didn’t she intervene to make Peter more compliant?

If the story was thought out a little more, there could have been much more suspense. More on that later …


The pacing was an issue and the story was too focused on family. If they broke it up with another theme or two, it could have helped a little. But it is visually stunning, action packed, and hilarious. It is a bigger movie in all senses of the word … which doesn’t always work out. Bottom line, GOTG2 is a movie worth seeing in theatres.


So if I had to redo the movie, I would streamline everything and have it flow much better. Easier said than done, right?

  • Instead of opening with the Ego / Meredith scene, have it be Ego talking with the Nova Corps asking about Peter Quill … and then have it reveal that he is the father. The Nova Corps can mention the Guardians were referred to assist the Sovereign.
  • Instead of Nebula / Gamora fighting on Ego, everyone can leave to rescue Rocket / Groot after a cliché trap where Peter stays behind to learn more. At this point, the mutiny has occured and Nebula is waiting on Gamora and there can be a much better hand-to-hand fight rather than running from a spaceship. Cue Rocket learning from Yondu that Ego has been using / killing his offspring and everyone decides to rush back.
  • Meanwhile, Peter has been learning how to control his power (which would make more sense for the final fight).
  • Yondu could also have a much more sacrificial death than giving up the space suit. Something like sacrificing his ship to save the Guardians at the last second which might be a bigger gesture that would draw the respect of the Ravagers.


My recommendation for another sci-fi movie would be Sunshine. Danny Boyle’s movie that finds a crew on a mission to restart the sun using a large nuclear payload. There is a great cast including Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, Rose Byrne, Mark Strong, and Chris Evans … all of whom have appeared in other comic book movies. There is also a great twist that gives the movie multiple levels and more meat to the plot.

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