Split (Rewatch)

#13 – Rewatch

One of the perks of free movies is not only seeing movies I wouldn’t see normally but seeing them a second time. Seeing Split again is a different experience altogether than the first time. Since this is a rewatch review, it will be spoiler filled. Be warned!

Split joins the ranks of Fight Club and Sixth Sense in terms of movies that are completely different the second time based on what you learn the first time.

I would still give the movie 6 “personalities” out of 10, but an almost 7 this time.


Seeing it now it is obvious that the Barry we see for the majority of the movie was actually Dennis. Dennis did his best to stay in control but his inability to control his impulses was very clear. He spent more of the first visit we see giving into his O.C.D. tendancies, avoiding questions, and finding out what he could about Dr. Fletcher. He needed to know that she would show the world that people like him truely existed. Looking back he wanted her to act more as a herald to “The Beast” instead of split personalities. 


The pacing was still the weakest part. Everything in the middle act dragged, moreso upon repeat viewing. Most was there for story building, but the two other girls could have been narrowed to one. The scenes seemed to linger to attempt at building a sense of dread, show the bleak surroundings, and all of the little details. These could have been trimmed down by minutes apiece which would have done wonders to speeding the movie along, which would have made it much more rewatchable.


The “best” portion of this post was a lie. The greatest thing about this movie is in the last five seconds. It was a setup for the sequel to Unbreakable the entire time! There are hints to superhumans and the events throughout the movie, which might make this the best movie you didn’t know was a prequel. I would recommend anyone who liked Unbreakable or any of the more understated superhero movies to see Split again soon, especially if you have just recently watched it for the first time.


You could say I am … split … on what to recommend. 

If you want a movie that is changed within the last few seconds, watch Usual Suspects. If you have somehow somehow made it this far without knowing anything about it, do yourself a favor. If you have seen it, then you know the name KEYSER SOZE!!

If you want a good understated superhero movie, check out Chronicle. Not to be confused with the new Power Rangers movie, three teens get super powers from some alien rocks and act as normal people would. It also happens to be my favorite found footage movie. 

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