Hidden Figures (Rewatch)

#11 – Rewatch

My second time seeing Hidden Figures was no more or less enjoyable than the first. There wasn’t anything that stuck out one way or another, which I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing. There are certainly worse movies out that you could be watching, so it isn’t a waste of time.

Hidden Figures is an almost unbelievably true story of how three African-American women changed the course of history (assuming everything was at least partially true). It is also a great family friendly movie that isn’t filled with pointless singing or animated animals.

I would give it 6 “bathroom breaks” out of 10.


Hidden Figures is one of the movies where everything fits together very well and helps make everything better. The pacing keeps everything moving at a quick pace, there wasn’t any time that even on the second viewing seemed like drag. The music kept the movie flowing and added a lot of levity showing some of the real life absurdities.

The acting is all top notch, everyone plays their parts to a T. Out of the three female roles, Octavia seems to be getting the most attention award-wise. I thought she had the most muted of the performances since Janelle got to play the louder role more involved with civil rights and Taraji was more actively advancing within the institution. Dorothy (Spencer) arguably made the smartest moves and became invaluable through her positioning, but it wasn’t very captivating. My favorite casting decision was Kevin Costner as the head of NASA, he had the gravitas that I imagine someone would have. He also got the honor of desegregating the bathrooms since there was a need to work cooperatively and to the best of everyone’s ability.


The editing is my biggest complaint about the movie. The scene when Katherine (Henson) got moved / promoted to Al’s division (Costner) is the best example. Instead of doing a time lapse or montage, they ran everything together. Immediately after getting her desk and sitting down, she needed to use the restroom. After running around campus and being absent for half an hour, she gets right back up to get a cup of coffee. This does not seem like the actions of someone doing their best to impress everyone possible now that they are at the highest point of their career.


As I previously mentioned, this is one of the better family movies with a good message in quite some time that comes to mind. Even if you don’t have any young ones to drag along, this is a great history lesson and still worth a watch. I am not going to say you need to rush out to theatres and watch it since there isn’t much spectacle, but definitely watch it when you get a chance.


To tie in with the theme of history that is unbelievably true and involved a form of air travel, I would recommend Red Tails. It covers the Tuskegee Airmen and the struggles they went through and ultimately the appreciation they get. The best part is, that is only half of the story. They are then pitted against the feared and supposedly superior air force with some spectacular dog fights. I prefer it much more over Top Gun or any other air combat movie.

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