Top 10 Anticipated Movies and 5 Iffy Ones

The closer we get to the end of 2016, the more everyone is ready to be done with it.  2017 has got to be better, and the cinematic world is giving me a good reason to believe that. Using I saw there are currently 130 listed wide releases. Out of those 130, there are 79 that I don’t need to see any trailers (or atleast anymore) to sell me on the movie. From there, 44 movies stand out as ones I am anticipating. No one wants to read a list of my  Top 44 movies I am excited about (unless I am wrong – in which case let me know and I will get you the list!). So here are the top 10 movies I am most looking forward to next year … and 5 more that could be amazing or amazingly bad.

TOP TEN (in order of release)

John Wick: Chapter 2 – 2/10

The first John Wick leftt theatres with minimal fanfare, but by the time it was hitting home release the buzz around the movie was exponentially growing. Keanu Reeves is returning to the titular role and vows to kill everyone after someone blows up his house (don’t worry it looks like the dog survives the trailer). The first movie builds a rich world and it can easily be expanded on. If done right, we will get a fantastic action movie that people won’t be ashamed of watching. Assuming this movie breaks even, I guarentee there will be another follow up and possible spin-off. Every good story needs an expanded universe these days.

Logan – 3/3

I didn’t have a lot of faith in this movie when it was announced because I’d been burned twice. I think we all can agree Wolverine: Origins was horrible and The Wolverine was good until it wasn’t. Yet this trailer alone is already the best Wolverine we’ve ever seen. This is also Hugh Jackman’s last time as Wolverine and James Mangold’s second time in the western genre … so I am expecting this to go down as one of the best comic book movies of all time.

Kong: Skull Island – 3/10

Truth time: The only King Kong movie I have seen was Peter Jackson’s version and I wasn’t that big of a fan. This version set a great tone with the ComicCon trailer and looks to be building up to a good monster movie. The setting, the music, the cast, and the overall size of Kong mixes together to be magical. After seeing the second trailer’s ending … my excitement was grounded slightly since Kong was not the main villain and John C. Reilly joins as a crazed veteran. With that said, I still think this could be the movie that Godzilla has been trying to be, but we will see.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 – 5/5

Marvel’s first risky release since they hit their stride was Guardians of the Galaxy ended up being a BIG hit. The sequel is building excitment with more action, more characters, more humor, and the break out star, Baby Groot. They have also announced that this is not going to be tied into the Marvel universe. This is definitely puzzling since Thanos and the infinity stones got a lot of screen time in the first. But let’s not forget, BABY GROOT!!

Wonder Woman – 6/2

Wonder Woman and her theme were some of the few standouts of BvS. We desperately need a great female lead super hero movie, and I feel like Wonder Woman is it. If they are successful,  it will also be the first great movie that DC has made since they started the DCEU (DC expanded universe). Man of Steel met a lot of divided reviews, the theatrical release of BvS was dull and pieced together oddly and Suicide Squad just fell flat. There is a lot riding on this movie to prove that they can deliver a good expanded universe that fans can get lost in. This is also the last DC movie before Justice League,  so Wonder Woman had a lot of work ahead of itself.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – 7/7

Speaking of movies coming from a troubled history. Sony’s Spider-Man will be getting a much needed breath of fresh air thanks to Marvel (Marvel helps with storylines and Sony gives up rights for appearances). Spidey had a small part in Civil War and but it showed us we are in for a ride. We are getting the youngest, most wisecracking Spider-Man yet. The best part is that this will not be an origin story like the others, so we aren’t having to watch the spider bite or deal with the heartache of Uncle Ben dying for a third time.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – 10/6

The first Kingsman movie brought back the fun spy / evil mastermind trope that has been missing since Roger Moore donned a tux. Minimal details have been released about this. But what we do have is lots of big names being added to the cast, the CIA will be involved, and Colin Firth will be coming back … from the dead?

Thor: Ragnarok – 11/3

I am seeing a trend that the movies I am most excited about are also franchises that don’t have a track record. The first two Thor movies are at or near the bottom of Marvel’s recent movies.  They seem to have a problem getting an engaging storyline going and the fan base is getting bored. Not much has been officially announced to the public on this one, but we will get to see Loki’s plot to take over Asgard and some hints of Planet Hulk.

Justice League – 11/17

The aforementioned trend continues with another unproven sequel. There is no telling how the movie will be set up or how they are proceeding with the universe. But the trailer looks AMAZING! I am sold purely based off Aquaman’s scenes in the trailer with Icky Thump playing in the background.

Star Wars: Episode VIII – 12/15

There has not been a trailer, clips, photos, or even an official title released yet … but it has already been named as the most anticipated movie of 2017, and I definitely agree it deserves it. The passing of everyones favorite princess, Carrie Fischer, is only going to add onto the frenzy. So expect Star Wars talk to dominate most of the year. With so many rumors and fan-theories going around, there is no telling what will happen, but I do know, I am excited to see the Rebellion take on the First Order again.


xXx: The Return of Xander Cage – 1/20

I am an unashamed fan of the first movie. It was Vin Diesel’s first movie that took having fun to the max and we got to see with how crazy it could be. The Fast and Furious franchise later adopted the crazy and fun model, and put out some of the best movies of the franchise. The second xXx movie was garbage, so skip it when getting pumped for this one. They are going full steam ahead and will try to catch the magic again. Can they do it without going too far into the crazy? I’m ready to be there opening night and see.

Power Rangers – 3/24

If the nostalgia of Power Rangers is not enough to get the masses excited, throw in Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks, and you have a perfect combination of funny and top notch acting.  We have gotten a lot of posters and pictures, but only one official trailer to try and tell the story. They are giving them superpowers in addition to the Zords, so it should be interesting and enough of a update. The next trailer could easily make or break the movie, but right now I am buying what they are selling. Go Go Power Rangers!

The Fate of the Furious – 4/14

Uggh! My fanaticism of The Fast and Furious franchise surpasses most, and was enough to forgive the second movie. That was until the first trailer for the 8th one was released. Dom is fighting against his family, Hobbs is a vigilante, and Deckard is helping the good guys? I WANT to love this movie as much as I loved the others, but they seem to be going crazy with their characters instead of the cars.

Transformers: The Last Knight – 6/23

Talk about movies where the trailers sell everyone every single time, Transformers has mastered this technique. Every trailer released makes the movies look amazing, bigger than life, and action packed. Then the movies actually come out, and we realize they have some good scenes but have been largely unwatchable between obvious racist sterotypes, horribly placed product placment, and surrounded horrible acting. Why do I still want to see this movie? Oh that’s right. I’m a sucker for giant fighting robots that can turn into cars.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – 7/21

Luc Besson is great when the stars align. He has a new movie coming out every other month it seems, so surely he is overdue for another hit. One of the best sci-fi movies outside of Star Wars / Star Trek is 5th Element. If he can capitalize on the potential he has going into this one, we could have a movie that doesnt have to wait for video release to get popular.

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